White Apple iPhone 4 coming next spring after all?

Not long ago, we’ve heard that Apple may have cancelled the launch of its white iPhone 4 – which, according to the company, has proven to be “more challenging to manufacture than expected.”

However, if this new piece of info is to be believed, the white iPhone 4 will be available in the end.

9to5mac has managed to snag an image according to which the white smartphone is going to be released by AT&T sometime in spring 2011 (thus in March, April, or May). This is, of course, in line with the previously rumored “early 2011” launch date.

Not long after next spring, the new iPhone 5 should be introduced, so I’m not sure how many customers would want to get the white iPhone 4, knowing that in several months they’ll be able to buy Apple’s next-gen handset (even if a white version of it may not exist).

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