Aspiring singer dies during plastic surgery

A former contestant of China's Super Girl singing contest, the equivalent of American idol, died last week after a cosmetic procedure to narrow her jawbone.

2005 Super Girls contestant Wang Bei died while undergoing plastic surgery, in Wuhan, Hubei province, according to Tianfu Morning News.

The singer and sometime model, 24, was having a facial "bone-shaving" operation, when the doctor was thought to have made a mistake, causing blood to flow into her lungs. Wang died of suffocation.

Xinhua news agency reported that an "anaesthetic accident" had occurred during the procedure at the Zhong'ao Cosmetic Surgery Hospital.

The doctor is said to have secretly transferred her to Wuhan No 161 Hospital, but it was too late to save her life.

According to media reports, Wang Bei, 24, underwent the procedure with her mother in Wuhan. Her mother was only told of her death a day later.

China's Ministry of Health is investigating the incident.

Wang appeared in the same Super Girls competition that made a star of Li Yuchun, but after failing to win returned to her studies at Wuhan Conservatory of Music.

After graduating she became a pub singer in Qingdao, Shandong province, and occasionally performed a couple of songs at gala shows.

According to reports, she tried her luck at other competitions but the results were disappointing. This led Wang to believe that she needed to look more beautiful to enter the entertainment industry.

Fellow Super Girls competitor Wen Yao said she was surprised that Wang felt she needed to go under the knife, as she was naturally so pretty.

Web users have also expressed concern and questioned why a pretty girl such as Wang would feel the need for plastic surgery.

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