Selina has a successful third skin graft; Selina wanted to ditch fiancé

Since the filming accident that left Selina Jen with severe burns all over her body, she has undergone three skin grafting procedures, with the last session just two days ago.

HIM International, which manages Selina, released a statement saying that major areas on her skin have been grafted and they hoped the smaller areas will heal on their own.

Selina's periodic fever had also subsided slightly and she is in stable condition.

As to future medical arrangements, HIM revealed that her condition will still be closely monitored and treatment is still first priority.

Another piece of good news to encourage the bride-to-be; Selina's NTD500,000 ($20,000) Vera Wang wedding gown has arrived in Taipei.

Selina's earlier plans of having her wedding photos shot overseas together with her fiancé Richard Chang, family and S.H.E members have come to a sudden halt because of the accident. But her wedding will still proceed as planned.

Selina wanted to ditch fiancé

A month into her recovery from the filming accident in Shanghai, Selina Jen is showing good progress although the journey is still a long and grueling one.

Besides the physical pain she has to go through on a daily basis, Selina has to bear the torment psychologically as well.

The usually brave Selina had once refused to let her fiancé Richard Chang near her for fear of him seeing her disfigured self and even thought of asking him to leave her for good.

But Richard stood firm and insisted that their wedding would proceed as planned.

Father Jen also revealed that Selina was glad that it was her who was injured instead of a stand-in because the latter would not have been able to afford the costly medical fees or have the kind of care she is able to get.

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