Big S Flash Marriage - Wu Chun: "Next Time its My Turn"

"Big S" Barbie engaged to Wang Xiao Fei, the soon to be wife will be starting to do a new film in November, for "大武生 Da Wu Sheng" will start shooting, muscular guy Wu Chun takes first! It’s after determinging cooperation that the actress is already someone “else’s wife", Wu Zun not afraid of the focus on himself, also joked: "Next time it’s my turn!"

Denying Marriage on February 18th

Earlier rumours says Big S’s marriage schedule is next year February 18th, Xu Ma, Wang Xiao Fei’s mother Zhang Lan all denied, the management company also pointed Big S currently has another film in progress with Shaun Yu “Magical Gourd”, the fact is, Big S’s schedule is set for filming “Da Wu Sheng” in October, and because of Big S’s hand injury, adding the sudden engagement, caused the whole schedule to be a mess, only last week were they able to set November to start shooting.

Wu Chun and some else’s wife specially fate, earlier filming “Butterfly Lover’s”, started off earlier with “Chun/Sa Love”, it was later when they found out the female lead Ah Sa was already married earlier with Ronald Cheng, divorced, and this time it was already decided that he’ll be filming with Big S in “Da Wu Sheng”, on the net it was already rumoured the 2 would be collaborating, never thought Big S has a flash engagement, once Wu Chun heard the news, he even laughed: “What a coincidence!” And even made fun of himself: “Its my turn next time.” A Libra himself doesn’t rule out a flash wedding as well.

Arm Wrestling Jiro Wang Holds 3 Seconds

“Fahrenheit” last week were running around China doing promotions, besides busy working, the 4 were also busy working out, Wu Chun challenges “Da Dong” Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Arron Yan in arm wrestling; Da Dong & Arron posted the wrestling match on their blog, the 3 faced Wu Chun, so only Jiro who has lately fell in love madly for working out could hold off 3 seconds, he said: “The results are better than 3 years ago.” Next I’m going to go get Calvin to challenge the wrist strength, “it’s time to find my encouragement back.”

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