Jolin Tsai releases new repackaged version of "Myself"

To celebrate the success of her latest album, “Myself”, Jolin Tsai is releasing a new repackaged “4D” version; it will contain two C’D’s and two DV’D’s – which adds up to “4Ds”. She especially went to Shanghai to film a MV for “Black-Haired Beautiful Girl”. For her new image style, she specially invited image stylist Thomas (Sammi Cheng / A-Mei Chang) to design six set of clothes for her. Only showing her legs this time, Jolin said, “It’s the first time that I feel I’m revealing too much, I feel a little embarrassed.”

Jolin went on WQYL to promote for the new edition of her album. Other than performing the latest single and playing games with her fans, she also showed her nail art talent. That is…with host JR lending his hand. Host Zax Wang stood on the side and watched, “The nail art design needs to match the person, right? I think he’s (JR) more suitable for Hello Kitty.” While trying to stay focused, Jolin thought that it would be cute to add a bow. Afterwards, Jolin even packaged a set of nail polish to give to JR – who was actually more concerned about how he could remove the nail art, otherwise he would have to record his shows with it.

Jolin's nail art:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, allshow2's channel

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