Android dominates Verizon smartphone sales; BlackBerry tanks

Investment research firm ITG has been investigating the sales figures from Verizon Wireless and it has come up with a pretty interesting find: the vast majority of smartphones sold by Verizon Wireless are Android handsets. That fact, while pertinent, is not all that shocking. What is shocking is this: in October of 2009, BlackBerrys accounted for 93% of Verizon Wireless’ smartphone sales. Just over one year later, in November of 2010, Android accounted for 80% of Verizon Wireless’ smartphone sales and BlackBerry’s share comes in at under 20%. How did Android go from not having a single handset in Verizon’s lineup in October of 2009 to sales domination eleven months later? You can credit Verizon’s fierce marketing blitz around the devices, consumer demand for more media centric devices with bigger screens, or RIM’s slow, measured approach with hardware. Whatever you want to credit or blame, those numbers are staggering and should not be ignored.

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