Chelsea Handler Explains Angelina Jolie Joke

Hold off on blaming Chelsea Handler's friendship with Jennifer Aniston for her stand-up attack on Angelina Jolie, but don't expect the comedian to apologize either.

"They were talking about me on 'The View,' talking about me and my Angelina Jolie tirade," she said on her show.

"Can I just say that I've been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made out with her brother?" Handler explained, referencing Jolie's intimate kiss with James Haven at the 1999 Oscars.

"If I've learned nothing from this, it's to write new jokes," she continued at her own expense.

Over the weekend, Handler's comedy routine include a profanity-laden tirade on the woman accused of stealing Aniston's former husband, Brad Pitt.

"She's a homewrecker, she is," Handler started on Jolie. "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don't f***ing believe you. She gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c**t ... you're a f***ing b***h."

According to PopEater's own Rob Shuter, Handler doesn't care what Angelina thinks of her.

"Chelsea hates Angelina and doesn't for one second buy that she is this good person rescuing children in need around the world," a friend of the comedienne told Shuter. "Everyone in Hollywood is scared to say what they really think about Angelina except Chelsea."

The friend added, "She thinks Angie stole another woman's husband and should be called out on it."

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