'Hangover' Cast Sinks Mel Gibson's Career for Good

We all know Mel Gibson is "furious" with producers of 'The Hangover 2' for canning him after the cool kids in the cast, particularly Zach Galifianakis, objected and essentially vetoed his participation. But what is making Mel so mad these days is that he knows the lighthearted cameo was going to be his opening salvo at a legitimate comeback.

An industry insider tells me that Mel "desperately wanted" the role, which he believed would have been a scene-stealer. "It was the perfect part for Mel," my source adds. "Guaranteed to be a blockbuster," even with his sullied name attached.

"Mel saw this role that same way Tom Cruise did with 'Tropic Thunder.' Now it's ruined."

What must be particularly goading to Mel is that he lost the part to Liam Neeson because of a cast and crew revolt. Director Todd Phillips confirmed this on Thursday, saying his casting of Mel "did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew."

In a statement on Friday, Neeson's spokesman, who also reportedly represents Gibson, confirmed this belief by nudging that Neeson would be joining the actors on the set "pending clearance of cast and crew background check."

"Now that these guys have stood up and said no to working with Mel, anyone that stays silent will look like a coward," one executive tells me. "These are not huge stars. Yes, Bradley Cooper is doing well, but he's no Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Zach, someone with limited Hollywood power, has opened the floodgates. By making a stand, he has made it impossible for anyone else not to. Making what small chance Mel had of achieving a comeback impossible."

Silent to more, Zach's rep has just told NBC News that he has "no say in who is hired or fired for any roles in the film" and that he was not consulted on the matter.

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