Kristen Stewart Teaches Girls to Love Themselves!

Even though Kristen Stewart is 100 percent in Bella mode right now, getting ready to film Breaking Dawn, her fab flick Welcome to the Rileys hits theaters in the United States this Friday.

"I've always played girls who have had everything that they need, and this was the first time I played a survivor," Stewart tells E! News of her character Mallory in Rileys.

We wouldn't totally consider Robert Pattinson ditching K.Stew in New Moon exactly being on a lucky streak though...

Then again if you get to kiss Rob onscreen (and off, too, in Kristen's case) guess Bella isn't totally struggling.

Stewart went on to say how she really believes her character in WTTR is someone girls can look up to for a change:

"She definitely has the capacity to not be alone, to trust people, and let people in. That's good for any girl—that basic idea that you have to like yourself to have other people like you or love you. It's a big problem for girls, just innately. It's good for that, really good for that."

Couldn't agree more!

Especially since its debated whether or not Bella is a good role model for girls—having happiness ride on a guy and all.

It's good to see Stewart pick different roles since she is a role model to many.

Which Kristen character is for you: Bella or Mallory? We'll take 'em both!

Expect a ‘Beautiful’ Wedding Dress for Bella in ‘Breaking Dawn’

There’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect dress for any bride — and when that bride is Twilight heroine Bella Swan, the stakes are even higher! “I haven’t put the one on yet,” Kristen Stewart told MTV News on Monday night. The Swan-Cullen nuptials will be one of the most anticipated scenes of Breaking Dawn, the next movie adaptation of the hugely popular series by Stephenie Meyer, which is set to hit theaters in November 2011. “To be honest, it’s such a big deal,” said Kristen. “It’s such a big decision. I have a little hand in having a decision–or having an opinion more–but I think it’s pretty much up to Stephenie.”

So what would be appropriate for a vampire-themed wedding? According to the book, something traditional with modern touches. InStyle even gathered designers last year to venture what Bella’s dress would look like– but it seems right now, it’s anybody’s guess! “I’m not quite sure exactly what it’s going to look like,” Kristen admitted, “but it will be beautiful, I’m sure.”

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