Ella & Hebe Visit Selina

Artist Selina burned from filming, is being treated at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, today not only did Selina’s fiancé Richard visit her at the hospital, along with her good girl friends S.H.E group members Ella and Hebe arrived at the hospital to visit “wife” Selina, comforting her to be strong.

Selina on the 22nd is injured when an explosion accident occurred in Shanghai, Ella & Hebe was not able to visit due to overseas performances, adding Selina’s injuries were serious, Ren Ba & Ren Ma announced to decline visiting friends and relatives. Ella & Hebe yesterday ended their performances in China immediately returned to Taiwan, this afternoon they immediately went to visit Selina.

Ella & Hebe entered the isolation room to see Selina, chatting with her. Ella said, “Selina is actually stronger than we had imagined”, and admits the injured Selina is very different from the past, when the 2 saw their “wife”, they became very emotional, worried, Selina return comforts them instead.

Hebe praised Selina is a “SHERO”, “We are very very distressed for her, she is very brave, courageous, and I worship her even more!”

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