Filming for "Hayate the Combat Butler" shifts to Japan; George Hu gets called "ajusshi" by co-star Park Shin-hye

Production for upcoming GTV idol drama Hayate the Combat Butler is currently running smoothly, and this time the cast and crew of the GTV drama have crossed over the sea over to Japan in order to continue filming at specific locations. The scenes of the latest shooting takes place over in a theme park called Huis Ten Bosch, famous for its recreations of classic Dutch buildings and also named after an official residence located in the Netherlands.

In one particular scene which took place in front of a palace at the theme park, co-stars George Hu and Park Shin-hye were situated besides a pond, and as feelings of romance started to build in the scene, out of nowhere Shin-hye ruined the moment and called her older co-star by eight years an "ajusshi (uncle)". For those of you rough on your Korean, Shin-hye basically called her Taiwanese co-star an old dude out of the blue.

Being the good-termpered person that he is, the Taiwanese actor took his upgraded title of "ajusshi" in stride, and laughed it off instead of getting angry about it. "Oh, come on. She's just saying that I'm mature." Collaborating together with his Korean co-star for almost a month for this drama, George has managed to pick up some Korean words such as "yeo dongsaeng (little sister)", which is also a term of endearment towards a younger female. Georged added, "I can talk about it to her, that eight years is really huge (in age difference). The friends she has by her side are all the same age as her."

The 20-year old Shin-hye has never been known by the media to have dated, and the actress has expressed that she is not interested in younger guys. Her ideal boyfriend is someone whom is several years older than her, likes to be gentle, and is outgoing. On the other hand, George does not think that an age gap is that important, and instead believes that what is most important is getting along with someone whom also shares a common interest.

During the time that the two have been getting along together, George has been describing his relationship with Shin-hye as a sibling relationship, and that the both of them mutally learn from each other. For example, as Shin-hye seeks out George for some acting advice, George would seize the opportunity to also learn some Korean. Moreover, since neither one of them is fluent in the other's native tongue, the two of them converse in English with each other in order to make strides their in communication. Shin-hye has also sought out George to ask him to teach her martial arts, and George has commented that he likes Shin-hye's intelligence and great potential.

Source: UDN, NOWnews

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