Nintendo Sells 1.5 Million Consoles Over Black Friday Week

While Black Friday is over and done with, and we’re knee-deep in the savings that come with Cyber Monday, it looks like Nintendo made a killing off the Black Friday week. They sold plenty of consoles, which include members of the DS family, as well as the Wii home console. They sold enough, in fact, that the company feels like a formal press release is the right thing to do. Some may call this bragging, but then again, when you’ve sold as many consoles as Nintendo did, there might be a little room to do that.

The company sold 1.5 million consoles over the week, and thankfully Nintendo was nice enough to break it down for us, in their press release. When it came to the Wii home video game console, consumers managed to pick up 600,000 of them. As for the DS line-up of portable gaming consoles, consumers managed to purchase 900,000 of those over the week. If you’re curious, that means that people were buying 9,000 Nintendo-branded video game consoles every hour, of every day, throughout the Black Friday week.

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