Lindsay Lohan enjoys a sober Thanksgiving... but she still can't quit her cigarette addiction

She's given up drinking and spent the last few months weaning herself off drugs.

But Lindsay Lohan still has a few vices.

The 24-year-old actress, who in rehab near Palm Springs, California, spent yesterday afternoon relaxing outside a Starbucks where she enjoyed a warm coffee and several cigarettes.

She was joined by some friends from her sober living facility.

On Thanksgiving Day, Lindsay headed back to Los Angeles after being given a day-pass from the Betty Ford Centre where she has been receiving treatment for addiction to cocaine.

She spent time working out in a gym before heading to her apartment where she was joined by her father Michael and ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

She also made her return to Twitter by re-posting a quote from the Tom Cruise film Vanilla Sky.

'Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around,' the star retweeted.

Lindsay was admitted to the Betty Ford Centre in October after being ordered into rehab by Judge Elden Fox, narrowly escaping a return to jail.

The order was the result of a probation violation after she failed a court mandated drug test which could have landed her back in jail for 30 days.

She will remain in rehab until January 3.

It was also reported this week that Lindsay pulled out of her next film project Inferno, wanting to focus on her recovery.

Lohan has been set to play Linda Lovelace, a 1970's pornstar, in the biopic following the rise of the porn industry but has now been replaced by Couple's Retreat actress Malin Akerman.

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