TVB Actresses Take About 10 Years to Become 'TV Queen'

You can't just win the title "TV Queen" (視后) with only several years of acting experiences. Looking at the past winners, they all spent nearly 10 years in the showbiz before bringing that award home.

Charmaine Sheh - 10 years
Charmaine is the 1997 Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner-up. Her acting was criticized when she made her debut to the showbiz. After 9 years of hard work, she was crowned TV Queen with series "Maiden's Vow" in 2006.

Ada Choi - 10 years
Also Miss Hong Kong 2nd runner-up (1989), Ada won "Best Actress" with "Secret of the Heart" in 1998.

Jessica Hsuan - 9 years
Jessica joins TVB in 1991 but it was in 1999 that she finally became TV Queen with series "Detective Investigation Files IV."

Maggie Cheung - 10 years
Although she didn't make into the top 3 in 1994's Miss Hong Kong, but she became TV Queen i 2003 with series "The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow."

Other TV Queens like Gigi Lai and Sheren Tang also took more than 10 years to win "Best Actress," not to mention veteran actresses Louise Lee and Michelle Yim.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translation: Kay's Entertainment

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