BTS photos of Song Seung Hun & Kim Tae Hee’s “My Princess” revealed

Actor Song Seung Hun and actress Kim Tae Hee finally came together for their latest MBC drama, “My Princess,” on November 24th.

The scene they filmed that day was of the first meeting between stingy college student ‘Lee Seol’ (Kim Tae Hee) and diplomat Haeyoung (Song Seung Hun).

In the drama, Song Seung Hun’s character is the sole heir to one of the top Korean companies and appears in luxurious clothing. Kim Tae Hee’s character appears in comfortable and casual attire, with a cute headband to add to the character’s cute image.

The two rehearsed throughout the filming, with Kim Tae Hee even going as far as to film herself with her own camcorder and monitoring it frequently.

Regarding the drama, Song Seung Hun stated, “This is my drama comeback after a two year hiatus, and also my first romantic comedy as well. I’m anticipating a lot of challenges and I’m glad to be able to work with such great castmates and staff members. I’ll be working hard to show a new side of myself.”

Kim Tae Hee added, “I was extremely nervous and excited before the filming, but after it began, I felt better and a lot more comfortable.”

This romantic love comedy will broadcast this coming January.

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