Selina is down with high fever

Selina Jen is sure is one tough cookie.

The injured singer-actress has been in recovery for over a month since her filming accident in Shanghai. Though the burns on her face and hands were healing rapidly, her legs were the major concern as they were the most badly burnt.

Selina is constantly plagued by fever and her allergy to certain medications made it harder for her to control her body temperature. But she's in good hands as her doctors had returned overnight just to look after Selina.

HIM International revealed that the doctors had used ice to bring down her temperature before finding the right medicine to bring down her fever.

Father Jen revealed on his weblog that she's stable now. Selina, he said, recently suffered her first nightmare from the accident and started crying after waking up from shock.

In other news, Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling had made a special birthday wish yesterday for Selina to get well soon.

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