Watch 'Hold My Hand,' Michael Jackson's First Posthumous Video

"This life don't last forever ... So tell me what we're waiting for ... Hold my hand." An eery and prescient first line sung by Michael Jackson kicks off 'Hold My Hand,' the late singer's first single and just-released video from the much-anticipated 'Michael' album. In the crisply shot video, images of Jackson performing accompany a heavy dose of Akon, his duet partner for the uplifting track. Keeping in line with many of MJ's past videos, 'Hold My Hand' prominently features children playing and smiling.

To a casual listener, the song itself could be mistaken for an Akon release -- he handles many of the vocal flourishes in both the verses and chorus -- yet Jackson is always there and their two drastically different instruments compliment each other well.

'Hold My Hand' is the first single release from the 10-song CD, 'Michael,' which hits stores Dec. 14.

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