Barbie Hsu confirms engagement and thinks it's a match made in heaven

Barbie Hsu finally confirmed she is engaged after news of her relationship dominated headlines for the past two days. The couple was spotted at the Shanghai Airport today with their hands held tightly together. Although Da S has yet to speak with the media in person, she did update her blog with a reply to her fiancé’s message.

Wang Xiao Fei wrote:

“Everyone, don’t guess anymore, we are engaged. (The decision was made) very calmly and not sudden. (I) just happened to have met the right person at the appropriate time. We only want a happy and comfortable life, continuing with my work and career, while she can also quietly return to a family life. There is no right or wrong in a relationship, only whether it is suitable or not. Give some room and your best wishes to the two young people please?”

Da S responded:

“(I’m) actually not that young…The point is, I’m very blessed, very certain, very happy! Moreover, our happiness will continue on! I knew it was him from the first time I met Xiao Fei, (we) got engaged after only meeting four times, (I) must say, (it’s a) match made in heaven. Thank you for everyone’s concern! We will take in all the well wishes~”

Does the line “she can quietly return to a family life” imply Da S will be retiring from showbiz?

News clip from FTV

Source: Barbie Hsu’s blog, Nownews, UDN, image/video from FTVCP’s Channel

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