Heavenly Kings "Guy-Guy Love?" : Jay & Show Together At a 5-star Hotel

With hosts Asia's Heavenly King Jay Chou, Tu Kuo-Cgang, Mai, and Elly Otoguro on CTI Entertainment Channel, "Mr. J Channel" will premiere on 10/30 at 8 PM, and will air again at 10 PM the next day on CTI Variety, and CTV will also air it each Saturday staring 11/6 at 10 PM. Asia's Dance King Show Lo will be guesting on the first episode. When he first walked into the studio, he exclaimed, "Wow! The studio is so big." Show kept his usual humor, "I never thought about being in showbiz for 10+ years, going on a show and having you inviting me out and interviewing me!" Jay immediately teased, "I never thought that after being in showbiz for 10 years, I'd have to wait for an hour for anyone!" Though it's Jay's first time hosting a show and having to interview the very experienced Show Lo, but he didn't hold back, no matter what challenges/gags Show gave him, Jay was able to catch them and carry them well. And the gift that Show brought for good friend Jay Chou for getting a new TV show was revealing their unknown ambiguous relationship!

Show and Jay's relationship is so close that you can't imagine, having held hands and walked into a 5-star hotel! Show said, "A long time ago, Jay forgot his dormitory keys, and on a spur, he thought to go to a certain renowned 5-star hotel for the president suite. At the time, we even walked hand in hand together, thinking we'd let paparazzi catch us, but I wasn't popular, and he was a newcomer, no paparazzi wanted a picture of that!" The two even acted as gay couple, Show continued to say, "After we finished showering, we were in bathrobes sitting next to the floor-length window, chatting and watching the view. But when we were going to bed, Jay put a pillow in the middle, and warned me, don't cross this!" Jay immediately explained, "At the time he was a pretty-boy, I was afraid that while we were sleeping he'd accidentally touch me!"

Teacher Tu then continued to reveal, "Jay usually doesn't wear underwear. We'd be out on business and share a room. He'd be conservative and hide it, and in the morning when his bathroom was kicked open, I felt like I was in a park walking birds." (note : "Bird" in Mandarin can also be used as a euphemism for a guy's private area.) Getting secrets revealed, Jay wasn't to be outdone as he teased Show, "You want to embarrass me, I want to say things too!" Show's eyes opened wide looking at Jay menacingly, "What are you going to say? Cuz I was conservative about it!" Jay revealed, "One time, Show pretended to be a girl, he undid his clothes, and stood straight up, and squeezed tight, and then asked me, 'does this look like a girl?'"

Show often times would send ambiguous text messages to Jay, Show said, "I once sent him a text message, 'Do you love me," he responded, "Gross, you think I'm a chick!" I sent a second text so he'll tell me he "loves me," he responded, "Insane." And then I sent another, "What's wrong with saying you love me?" Jay said, "Wasn't he being ridiculous? Kept asking me if I loved (him), but I still responded, "(I do)Love." Show then said, "There was this one time I called him, and called him 'Baby,' he responded, 'Baby schmaby' I called again and said 'baby,'' he responded, 'Baby, my ass,' I called a third time, and said, 'Baby and he actually responded, 'Hmm?' as a response of recognition!" After he said this, everyone riled up in laughter.

Besides revealing "ambiguities" with Jay, Show also "proved" that Jay's verbal quirk "Aiyo" was originally created by him! Show said, "I still remember when he was just a newcomer, and he was teaching me piano. I was there going, aiyo, aiyo, and then he 'aiyo'd' with me. Then he soon got really popular, and this verbal quirk became his signature, at the time I wasn't popular, so no one bothered with me. Once I made a bet with him, he lost, so he had to say 'Aiyo' 50 times on TV, it was very dumb-looking!"

And finally, Show said that at a music awards ceremony in Hong Kong, Jay was one to present an award to him, and to this day he is very touched, he said, "I entered showbiz earlier than Jay, but he got popular a lot faster. At the time I was working hard from the bottom of the ladder, so when Jay handed me the award, I told myself that I must work harder! The media always said that I'd only befriend people that are popular, but I was friends with him (Jay) before he even entered showbiz!"

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