SNSD and 2PM experience mixed reactions at 47th Daejong Film Awards

Having performed just a few hours earlier on Music Bank, SNSD and 2PM headed straight for Kyunghee University’s Hall of Peace for the 47th Daejong Film Awards.

Both groups had been invited to perform congratulatory stages during the two hour long ceremony, with SNSD performing “Oh!” and “Hoot“, while 2PM did “Only You” and “I’ll Be Back.”

Without their regular fan support among the audience comprising of mainly production staff, esteemed guests, directors, actors, actresses, etc, they experienced mixed reactions while performing.

SNSD had to suffer through indifferent reactions and motionless expressions from the actors when the cameras focused on them during their congratulatory performance stage.

Having noted the response, MC Shin Dong Yup made a remark that everyone seemed to look rather stiff which probably lightened up the audience a little.

2PM fared slightly better, as they invoked some crowd reaction during “Only You” by handing roses to Lee Min Jung and Jo Yeo Jung, while Taecyeon gave his to MC Kim Jung Eun. Many other actresses smiled and were probably hoping that they were the ones who would receive a rose.

They also got a livelier response in their second performance, “I’ll Be Back.”

Check out all the performances below.

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