ELLE girl interviews Ariel Lin: A sexy transformation

The lovely Ariel Lin is featured in the current Fall/Winter edition of ELLE Girl (Taiwan.) Here is a translation of her interview:

It was a photo shoot scheduled for 11 in the morning. The editing staffs were already on standby and in a hurry to get every detail ready. That’s because ELLE Girl Fall/Winter edition’s cover model Ariel Lin is famous for being punctual. She appeared right on-time at 11 am, not a minute before or after. While her manager is parking their car, she walked into the studio by herself and politely greeted everyone. Ariel Lin put her hair up in a bun, wore a pair of light-shade oversized sunglasses, along with a long knit top and a floral dress. Her cream-color outfit matches the impression given off by her album “A Wonderful Journey”; a laid back gentleness.

Shortly after, she borrowed a computer at the studio and began checking her emails. Her eyes were focused on reading but when asked if she would like some tea or coffee, she turned her head and declined with a smile. This reminded me of the Ariel Lin from 7 years ago who could chat non-stop; a very different person. When someone comes from a single-parent family, carrying a massive debt, being through the death of close friend Beatrice Hsu, undergoing a brain tumor removal operation, facing depression rumors… A long list of experiences that is different from most people, they created the Ariel Lin who is now widely recognized for her acting talent, as well as her 100% professionalism (she was reading a script during her breaks at the photo shoot.)

The mature spirit that lives in her bones allows Ariel Lin to speak rationally about love, yet she also likes to dream perceptually. It is as if she is never as frail as she looks, “That’s right! I even want to try a role like ‘(Empress) Wu Zetian’ if possible.” It seems like she is not only capable of wearing romantic Bohemia-style clothing, “I think I can also be very sexy.” The Scorpio Ariel Lin is most curious at things that are extreme, contrasting and multi-dimensional! Instead of saying that she has changed, why not say she has always been breaking through and changing.

Q: Everyone says that you have changed to being more womanly. What you do think?

A: I’m actually not pretending to be mature. I think when someone gets to a certain stage, their heart and mind will naturally be ready for a change. Like now, my body and the emotions inside, along with my way of thinking are all in sync, but I’m not intentionally creating a new feeling. There are many sides to a person and many possibilities. The point is living in the moment. Make a foothold at your current position, and then you will be able to exude your charisma and personality.

Q: Did you have any encounters during your trip to London?

A: Nothing, because most of the trip was work-related, so there was no opportunity to meet anyone. (ELLE Girl: Was it because your company kept a close eye on you?) Haha, it wasn't not that. I don’t exclude foreign love. It’s just that romance will inevitably be followed by breakup. Long distance relationship is not very rational. Love requires growth through communication. Knowing that, I won’t let myself plunge into it.

Q: Do you think you are sexy?

A: I think I am sexy. Sexy to me is something that comes from within. It is not decided by wearing revealing clothes, but rather something that originates from one’s character. Conveying charisma unintentionally is what’s truly sexy. Like Marilyn Monroe, I think what made her a sex goddess was her silly yet cute tone. It was in sharp contrast to her figure so people were fascinated by her.

Q: Who are your sexy idols?

A: Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Kwai Lun Mei, Cheer Chen. Tony Leung can inject so much energy into his film work, yet he can be very reserved off screen. I think this contrast is very sexy! The others as well, they all have very distinct features and different strengths. They have their own style in everything they do. Their inner charisma is visible to the outside. It’s very sexy.

Q: In this year’s fall/winter season, which style do you want to try out the most?

A: I especially like the French laid back feeling, but I don’t have any preference for a particular style. However, there was this fur and leather outfit with sequins from today’s photo shoot, its unusual mix and match style really attracted me. The point is as long as a trend can coordinate with one’s personality, then it will create the perfect trendy combo.

Q: Everyone is envy of your great skin, please sure your skincare routine.

A: I believe in being simple and natural. In addition to basic skincare, eating is also a very important part of it. There is a saying, “you are what you eat.” Whatever you eat, your body will show. (ELLE Girl: When you turned down the coffee earlier today, was it a way to preserve your health?) Not really, I’m not very picky. I only keep a balanced diet, and I don’t eat any specific food for beauty. At most I would eat vitamin B and calcium supplements. That’s because I believe everything is created with balance, so foods already have the nutrients that people need. There is no need to overeat, with 80% of health preserving and 20% from the heart and mind, one will naturally become beautiful.

Q: You mentioned that looking after the heart and mind is very important in becoming beautiful, what do you do to nurture this?

Chu Tien Hsin (朱天心). I’m fascinated by the hint of sadness in her writing. I think literature is a great thing and it is the most valuable in our civilization. Look, even a book that is from over a decade ago can still be popular. As for “The Minds of Billy Milligan”, after reading about the 24 different personalities, I would like to challenge myself with a role like that if possible.

Source: ELLE girl TW

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