SNSD has eyes on the Asian music market

The SNSD girls who are currently in the midst of promoting their latest single, “Hoot” in Korea, attended a “Girls’ Generation Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club Press Conference” together with SM Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Young Min, to discuss about the group’s future plans.

In the absence of member, Sooyoung, due to injury, the group and Kim expressed their hope of unifying the Asian music market. Kim expressed to foreign journalists,

“With SNSD, we’ll be able to create the biggest market in the world, which is the Asian market. Rather than making a foray into the American or the European music market, the nine-member group presently aims to “unify the Asian market” and build it into the biggest market in the world.”

The group also wants to reach further out to their foreign fans all over Asia, and becoming fluent in foreign languages is essential to that goal, the girls said.

One of the members, Tiffany attributed their rapidly growing presence in Asia to music as “universal language”, “We’ve been really focusing on the language these days, especially since we want to be able to connect with our foreign fans. It takes time, patience and a lot of practice but we really wanna be able to express ourselves to our foreign fans.”

The girls are currently enjoying huge success with their new Korean mini album, “Hoot” which was just released last week while their latest Japanese single also topped the Oricon chart in Japan.

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