S.H.E's Selina spends painful 29th birthday in hospital

Taiwan pop trio S.H.E's Selina Jen, who was badly burnt in a recent filming accident, spent her 29th birthday in hospital with a fever and wracked with pain on Saturday, reported Taiwan media.

While doctors said that her fever was not too severe, and the pain was something every burn victim must face on their road to recovery, they advised her against meeting any visitors that day.

Group mates Ella Chen and Hebe Tien, who had just returned from Singapore after attending the Singapore Hit Awards 2010, originally planned to celebrate Jen's birthday with her but it fell through due to her condition.

However, Jen's parents have since revealed that their daughter's condition had improved and praised doctors for taking good care of her.

Although Jen was stuck in hospital on her birthday, on Sunday, she received a deluge of birthday messages collected by her label HiM International Music from her fans, friends and loved ones.

Celebrities that sent their regards included Mayday vocalist Ah Shin, singer Christine Fan, Taiwan supermodel Lin Chiling and even fellow burn victim Ham Yu, who sent her a message via an assistant.

Meanwhile, Jen's fans left birthday cards for their idol and folded paper cranes to represent their hopes that she will recover soon.

Fiance Richard Chang also wrote a moving letter to Jen, which was published Sunday on HiM's website, to express his feelings and wish her a happy birthday.

"Her voice is a little different, she looks a little different, but she is still the same person ... I never expected her to be this brave and optimistic," wrote Chang, describing how Jen did everything in her power to hasten her recovery, even though it was painful at times.

"No matter how painful it is, she would still move her limbs to prevent them from atrophying.

"When it came time to change her dressings and the pain was too great, she would ask for more morphine shots, cry out, shiver, become enraged, lament and despair, before becoming relieved, gradually getting drowsy and tearfully saying 'I will soon go unconscious'," Chang said in his letter shortly before concluding his message.

"This cycle repeats itself every single day but she still faces each day resolutely.

"My wife, although the road [to recovery] is long, we (Jen's fans and loved ones) all know in our hearts that you will pass this test. Wishing you a happy birthday and rebirth after this ordeal. Chang."

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