AKB48 sets first-day single sales record: 568,000

It was announced earlier this week that AKB48's new single "Beginner" was shipping more than 1 million copies for its release on Wednesday, and that decision now seems well justified. In its first day in stores, "Beginner" sold more than 568,000 copies. According to The Natsu Style, this is the highest first-day sales figure for a single since Oricon began announcing daily sales data.

In comparison, Arashi's single "Monster" previously set this year's record for opening-week sales at 543,000. "Beginner" has already surpassed that in one day, and is positioned to possibly overtake Arashi's "Troublemaker" as the best-selling single of the year (currently 699,000 copies).

Just two months ago, AKB48 set their own personal record for first-week single sales at 527,000 copies with "Heavy Rotation."

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