Nicholas Tse and Ah Sa Pass Through to the Year 2030 in "Sword Heroes' Fate"

Ever since the ancient times look for "Sword Heroes' Fate" has been revealed, netizens have been full of anticipation for the modern times portion of the series. In the past few days, new photos of Nicholas Tse, Charlene Choi, Kenny Kwan and Wu Ya Qiao's modern times looks have been revealed.

Nicholas Tse and Ah Sa travel back and forth through time

"Sword Heroes' Fate" revolves around a group of young people from the future who make use of high technology to enter a game and travel through time and space. In the year 2030, Nicholas Tse plays the role of Yang Yang and Kenny Kwan plays the role of Zhao Xiao Zhao, who are publicly known as Internet experts. Ah Sa portrays the role of Ning Xin, a well-known journalist and Yang Yang (Nicholas Tse)'s girlfriend. After the new Sword Heroes' game releases, Ning Xin (Charlene) attempts to experience the game herself, but enters the world of the Tang dynasty. However, she encounters a hacker who blocks her modern day memories, transforming her into a regular ancient times woman.

The ancient times look for "Sword Heroes' Fate" can be described as graceful and moving, while the modern times look assembles the latest current fashion trends with a touch of futurism, with Ah Sa wearing a cream-coloured shawl, purple dress and gemstone bracelet. Completely with a feminine air and a warm light smile, another look wearing a patterned scarf further reveals Ah Sa's composed and gentle side.

Developing high technology, scenes full of a futuristic vibe

The year 2030 is a high technology era, so in order to fully embody the futuristic vibe, the producer of "Sword Heroes' Fate" has expensively invested in inviting Asia's top design artists. In particular, the construction of cities and space setting have all been carefully designed in fine detail, creating a fresh perspective and experience for viewers. In the series, science and technology elements are full in every aspect, with digitalization a part of everyday life, and with computers transformed into transparent tablets.

It is understood that "Sword Heroes' Fate" is already in its late editing and production stage. It is estimated that the series will begin airing in Summer 2011.

Source: Sina
Translation: mutts @ Charlene Choi Info

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