Shin Se Kyung shuts down homepage due to backlash

Actress Shin Se Kyung has shut down her Cyworld mini-homepage after news of her relationship with SHINee’s Jonghyun was reported to the public.

After both agencies confirmed their relationship, fans flooded her mini-homepage with hateful remarks. Surprisingly, a significant majority of fans have shown maturity by leaving comments such as: “Hateful replies will only make SHINee look bad” and “Let’s try to respect Jonghyun’s private life.”

Still, a portion of the fanclub refuse to listen to reason and left venomous messages: “Who do you think you are, hitting on him?” and “You xxx, you think you match Jonghyun?”

Shin Se Kyung eventually shut down her homepage on the afternoon of October 27th.

Netizens observing the tirade expressed their disappointment with the entire situation, commenting, “It’s good that she shut it down. She shouldn’t have to read those kinds of comments“, “How are they acting any different from TaJinYo?”, and “Fans should respect their artist’s decision.”

It was also noted that the website for Shin’s agency, Namoo Actors is also inaccessible now.

Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate (1), (2) + TV Daily via Nate, Newsen

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