EEG CEO reveals Nicholas Tse's star history

Nicholas Tse was born in a family of stars, his father Patrick Tse and his mother Deborah are both well known celebrities in Hong Kong. Joining EEG was a simple thing to Nicholas Tse. "Patrick Tse and Boss Yeung (Albert Yeung) are old friends, when he found out Nic was interested in entering the entertainment industry he signed him." EEG CEO Ng Yu said, "Of course, we saw the star quality in him very early on, this is very important."

Because when Nicholas Tse was 15 he once studied music and guitar in Japan for a few years, thus, when Nicholas Tse arrived in EEG, he wasn't considered a "new newcomer" anymore, he wasn't a blank piece of paper that you just write on. Plus, compared to other artists, Nicholas Tse was extraordinarily rebellious.

Being a senior in the Hong Kong entertainment circle, Ng Yu has known the Tse family for a long time. "I watched Nic grow up. I knew them before Patrick Tse and Deborah dated." Thus, Ng Yu knows exactly where Nicholas Tse's rebellious nature comes from - half of it was because he was born like that and the other half was because his mother "hit" it out of him. "Don't look at Deborah being all pretty, she's very fierce, especially towards her son. One time I went over to the Tse family to play Mahjong, at the time Nic was still young, he messed up the house, Deborah let Patrick Tse hit him. Who could have thought he would become more and more rebellious the more you hit him.

But, this rebellious nature plus Nicholas Tse's cool temperament and handsome face actually appealed to the youngsters. EEG set the path "creative artist" for Nicholas Tse. After his music became a hit, they unearthed his good looks and brought him into the movie world. The young Nicholas Tse onceu threw a mic onstage and was frozen out by radio stations, he also once ran away to Canada and there was also the car accident "substitute case"..."On the surface he is very stubborn, when he first got into EEG he often argued with everyone, he called the boss and yelled at him." Ng YU said, "We knew his personality we tried our best not to go head on with him but instead reasoned with him. He actually knows it in his heart, whether this is right or not. At the end he would pretend to give in and wave his hand: "OK, forget it!" He's actually willing to do this originally."

Now, Nicholas Tse is 30, he has matured. "Especially after that (picture scandal) incident, he's even more mature. He's very attentive to his wife and family." Now, filming movies is Nicholas Tse's career focus Ng Yu said frankly, "Now he is the artist that earns EEG the most money. We don't take too many jobs for him, we respect his wishes, he sings what he wants to sing and acts in what he wants to act in, it's all good."

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