Ariel Lin rumored to have dropped “Extravagant Challenge”

Ariel Lin is best known for her girl-next-door image, but the actress/singer is ready to show a different side of herself. In the upcoming issue of Elle Girl, she talks about maturing as a woman and what she considers to be sexy.

Although it’s been two years since her last idol drama "Love or Bread", fans probably won’t get to see her on the small screen anytime soon -- Ariel Lin is rumored to have dropped out of “Extravagant Challenge” after being attached to the project for more than two years. The production of her other drama, “Taipei Shop of Coffee Prince”, was also officially scrapped earlier this week. It might sound like the curse of the Golden Bell all over again, but that’s unlikely to be the case as she will be starring in two movies later this year.

Source: Chinatimes, Elle Girl

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