Ah Sa hurries back to Hong Kong to celebrate Halloween with William Chan

Since admitting to being in a relationship, Charlene Choi and William Chan have been each busy with their individual work. The day before yesterday, Ah Sa had a rare day off, so she flew from Mainland to return to Hong Kong and celebrate Halloween with her boyfriend. Ah Sa happily uploaded photos on her Weibo, sharing sweet moments with fans. With Ah Sa wearing a pink wig and with drawn on traces of blood by her eye, and William dressed in a blood-spattered white costume, the two lovebirds held hands closely - so sweet straight to your heart. At the Halloween party the night before, Sherman Chung and other colleagues attended the party, with everyone enjoying themselves until the party came to an end shortly after midnight, as Ah Sa caught a 6am flight to return to filming in Mainland.

Yesterday at the 903 Music Awards Press Conference, not seeing Ah Sa in attendance, William Chan explained: "(My) girlfriend had to return back to Mainland to continue filming <Legend of the White Snake>." When asked whether Ah Sa specially rushed back to celebrate with him, William said: "To some extent, you can say that." In order to fight to see each other, does that mean they will fly back and forth? William expressed that even if they don't see each other in person, he and his girlfriend talk on the phone everyday.

William Chan expressed that he knows Charlene must be exhausted from filming and seeing Ah Sa having to fly back and forth, leaving early morning to return back to filming, he was very worried and his heart hurt. But, he expressed that Ah Sa is a professional actress and she will definitely work hard. Pointing to Real Ting unwilling to watch Miriam Yeung's kiss scenes, does William mind if Ah Sa films kiss scenes? He replied: "Only if the job requires it." Will Ah Sa request that he film fewer bed scenes? He expressed that she has not, because she understands that movies are only a virtual reality, so she does not mind. If Ah Sa films bed scenes, will he mind? He expressed: "Instead I will (mind), it's not that I'm a big man, it's that my heart will hurt."

William and Ah Sa both have birthdays in November (Charlene on November 22nd, William on November 21st). This will be their first time celebrating their birthdays since becoming a couple. Regarding this, William expressed that for the time being, he has not thought of how to celebrate.

Source: Mingpao | Yahoo
Translation: mutts @ Charlene Choi Info

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