Palm Pre Plus 2 pre-orders begin November 8

Windows Phone 7 has been getting a lot of press as the new mobile OS on the block over the last few months, but webOS aficionados and smartphone junkies alike know that webOS 2.0 — and the Palm Pre 2 — will be storming the U.S. market in the very near future. How near you ask? Well, according to HP’s Facebook page, just six days from now on November 8th. The company posted the following message:

HP for Students – US: Check out the new Palm Pre Plus 2, pre-orders begin 11/8

It is unclear whether the “pre-orders” the post is referring to will be for the Verizon Wireless Pre Plus 2 or an unlocked GSM device that is rumored to exist for developers. Looks like we’ll find out soon enough!

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