Captain America star Chris Evans shows off his pecs appeal

A buffed-up Chris Evans is seen topless in newly released stills from his forthcoming film Captain America: The First Avenger.

The actor, who plays the title role in the superhero movie, shows off his pecs as he stands opposite his on-screen love interest Peggy Carter, played by British actress Hayley Atwell.

Paramount Pictures have unveiled a batch of pictures ahead of the film's release next July, with a trailer expected to follow shortly.

Atwell, who plays a freedom fighter with the French Resistance during World War II, also features in another scenes where Evan's Steve Rogers/ Captain America is welcomed with cheers by his peers.

Another still shows Hydra soldiers riding on motorcycles while another scene captures Hugo Weaving's Red Skull - Captain America's nemesis and head of the Nazis' terrorist activities.

The Joe Johnston-directed flick is based on the 1940s Marvel Comics character.

The First Avenger will follow scrawny Steve Rogers who desperately wants to fight the Nazis for his country, but can't because he is deemed physically unfit.

He then volunteers for a top secret research project which transforms him into the superhero Captain America.

Filming is still underway, with various locations across Britain forming part of the backdrop for the movie.

In September Evan's stunt double was seen roaring around a London park, dressed in full regalia,on a Harley-Davidson Cross Bones motorcycle, customised to look like a World War II model.

One of the first filming locations earlier in the summer was near the University of Manchester in the Northern Quarter, centred around Dale Street, chosen after a search for a location best fitting 1940's Lower East Side Manhattan, New York.

More filming has taken place in Manchester in September, with Evans seen walking around on location wearing prosthetic feet.

It is being filmed with 2-D cameras, but will be converted into a 3D movie during post production.

Johnston did a one-day test shoot with a 3-D rig as opposed to shooting in 2-D and converting but called it 'a nightmare' due to bulky gear and restricted filmmaking options.

He said he's a firm believer in the conversion approach if done right, telling the Los Angeles Times recently: 'It's a new challenge and it's exciting.'

Talking about the responsibility of taking on the role of such a well-loved superhero, Evans said recently: 'It is a big responsibility. I’m a little scared, to be honest.

'I’d be lying if I said anything else, and I have no problem being honest about that. It’s intimidating.

'It’s a big responsibility and you want to do your best work.

'He’s a wonderful character, just as a man, aside from the comic hero background.

'He’s an incredibly noble, honest, selfless man, and those are qualities that I think people can aspire to and look up to.'

Other famous faces appearing in the movie include Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper and Samuel L Jackson.

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