B2ST to return with 4th mini-album, “Lights go on again”

Exciting news! B2ST has decided to roar back into the music charts with a 4th mini-album, “Lights Go On Again“.

The group recently ended their 3rd mini-album promotions with “Soom“, and many fans were waiting for the boys to announce a follow-up track. Yet B2ST has decided to divide their comeback into a dual-set of mini-album releases – “Mastermind” was determined to be the first part of the comeback, and “Lights Go On Again” will deliver the remaining half.

Fans can expect the 4th album to have a complete set of new songs, mostly electronic, as produced by hit composers Shinsadong Tiger and Kim Do Hoon. Indeed, it’s been said that the members’ manly, charismatic images will also be ‘upgraded’ to another level.

Cube Entertainment revealed, “Despite receiving much requests for a follow-up promotion after their 3rd album promotions, we have chosen instead to go with a completely new concept instead. We want to bypass the safe route by taking apart their established image.”

Various online music sites started selling pre-orders for “Lights Go On Again” on the morning of November 3rd; the mini-album has set a scheduled release for the 9th.

We’re really looking forward to see what B2ST will bring us next!

Source + Photo: Sports Chosun

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