There will be no Double J reunion at Jolin's upcoming concerts

Jolin Tsai held an autographing and mini concert event for her repackaged album, “Myself – Dance with me 4D”. She also took the opportunity to announce that she will be holding a concert at the Taipei Arena on December 24th and 25th. Jolin revealed that she will invite her currently rumored boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, to watch her concert. However, her ex-rumored boyfriend Jay Chou won’t make it for another "Double J" reunion since he will be in Vancouver Canada performing; Jolin joked, “(I’ll) kill him!”

The concert is only a month away, but Jolin said that the concert details are still in discussion and she has not begun practicing yet. Some made fun that it’s because Jolin has been busy dating, but she quickly explained, “It’s because I’ve been flying here and there” – she has just returned to Taiwan from the mainland.

In related news, Jolin congratulated Barbie Hsu on her surprise engagement on her micro-blog, “Getting married requires courage, and of course, you also need to find the right person (to be with). I still don’t have that impulsiveness yet.”

Check out Jolin's new MV for "Black-Haired Beautiful Girl":

Source: UDN, Appledaily, Warnertaiwan's channel

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