"Absolute Boyfriend" filming on absolute hold as Wu Chun joins Da S and Hangeng for action flick "Da Wu Sheng"

With much fanfare given to Fahrenheit member Wu Chun pairing up with Korean actress Goo Hye-sun for GTV's live action adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend, it looks like fans of this dream idol pairing will have to wait it out for quite some time until the duo's anticipated small screen debut. That's because filming for Absolute has recently been suspended in Taiwan due to Wu Chun filming for martial arts flick Da Wu Sheng in mainland China.

News of Wu Chun filming a new movie since his supporting role in this year's 14 Blades as a handsome pirate-looking bandit has been circulating around for several weeks, but it was not known how Wu Chun's big screen project would interfere with his schedule for his small screen obligations to Absolute until now. Yet the Taiwanese media has already confirmed that Wu Chun will indeed switch out K-drama export Hye-sun for K-pop refugee Han Geng as both Wu Chun and Hangeng will act alongside Barbie Hsu as the leads for next year's Da Wu Sheng.

Despite filming being put on hold for Absolute, GTV's existing properties have either completed filming or are further along in production: Wu Chun's other idol drama Sunshine Angel with Rainie Yang has already completed filming and is awaiting a release date, Mike He and Cyndi Wang's bakery-theme drama Mei Le, Go is deep in its production schedule, and Hayate the Combat Butler featuring George Hu and Hye-sun's K-drama rival Park Shin-hye has a tenative debut date of April 2011. This news is little comfort for Wu Chun or Hye-sun fans, but fellow Taiwanese-Korean pairing George and Shin-hye for Hayate should at least make for a nice consolation prize until filming for Absolute hopefully gets underway again

Source: Apple Daily

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