Is Miley Cyrus' Nude Photo the Real Deal?

Miley Cyrus may be taking the message of her recent hit, 'Can't Be Tamed,' to heart, or so some media outlets would have you believe. Hot on the tail of racy photos of the teen queen getting intimate with a boy at her 18th birthday bash, rumors are swirling that Cyrus has bared it all on camera -- and reportedly, there's proof.

A number of sites are reporting that a nude photo, allegedly of Cyrus, taken on her iPhone, is making the rounds online. However, the photo, which does not show the woman's face, has been labeled a fake by Gossip Cop.

The woman in the photo, who appears nude except for an open flannel shirt resembling one worn by Miley, seems to have a different body type than the 'Hannah Montana' star, as well as having a few key markers missing from her look.

Conspicuously absent in the photo is Miley's under-breast tattoo, reading "Just Breathe," which can be seen in a number of red-carpet photographs of the star.

While Miley's no stranger to photo scandals, this one doesn't seem like the real deal. Gossip Cop reports that Cyrus' reps not only deny there being nude photos of the star, but are considering legal action.

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