"I'm afraid to go home," says Shu Qi

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi is afraid to go home lately.

Not because she is worried about crazed stalkers but because her family members have stepped up their efforts to set her up with men.

"My family and friends keep arranging matchmaking sessions for me, so much so that I am afraid to go home," said Shu during a promotional event for her new film "If You Are the One 2" on Monday.

"I'm also very afraid of going out for tea with other people. For now, I just don't think there is a need for any matchmaking. Everything is up to fate."

Shu revealed that she had been on so many matchmaking dates that she has devised a cunning plan to handle such sessions – always bring along a friend and introduce any uninteresting dates to her instead.

"If I am suddenly asked to go for a meal [with a prospective suitor] I will bring along a friend who is dying to get married.

"Just recently, one of them hit it off [with her date] after spending an afternoon together," said Shu before admitting with a laugh that she would ditch her friend if she likes her date.

The 34-year-old actress pointed out that she preferred to go on a group vacation with some friends and her prospective suitor to see if any sparks fly between them, instead of going on deliberate matchmaking sessions.

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