Quick change as Lea Michele goes from sombre black to daring white at Billboard Awards

Her Glee alter ego Rachel Berry goes through several costume changes in the space of one action-packed episode.

And it seems actress Lea Michele was taking a leaf out of her character's book last night.

The 24-year-old arrived at the Billboard Fifth Annual Women in Music Event in New York in a conservative velvet long sleeved dress and skirt before swiftly changing into a daring white Georgio Armani mini dress.

However, the star teamed the same pair of cream heels with each outfit.

She was accompanied to the event by her boyfriend, Broadway star Theo Stockman, as she was presented with the first-ever Billboard 'Triple Threat' Award for her success in acting, dancing and singing.

'Everybody at Glee — we work really hard, singing and dancing and all of that — I've been working for a long time in musical theatre and everything, so this award really just makes me feel so much like hard work is paying off,' she said.

And despite being the stand-out singer of the hit show, Lea said she had no plans to release a solo album as yet.

'I really look forward to putting out an album but I really want to make sure I have a really good amount of time,' she said. 'Glee is like my baby, and I still feel like I have a newborn at home, and I'm not ready to have another baby yet.'

Also in attendance was Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, who arrived with her husband, actor Josh Duhamel.

The 35-year-old singer looked stylish in a black and white long coat, slim fitting black jeans, and black top as she collected the Woman of The Year Award.

The two big names of the night are clearly fans of each other with Fergie admitting she loves Glee.

'I would love to do a [Black Eyed Peas] episode of Glee,' she told E! Online. 'And I would love to see them do the Peas.'

And according to Lea, Glee is adding a Black Eyed Peas hip-hop track to their line up of songs for the second half of season two.

'We're doing [a] Black Eyed Peas song right now,' she told the website.

'We've been begging [executive producer] Ryan [Murphy] for such a long time to do one of their songs, and we finally just got one.'

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