Selina Jen hopes to return home this Chinese New Year

The Taiwanese pop star is on the fast track of recovery.

It has been 42 days since Selina and co-star Ham Yu suffered burns due to an on-set accident. The road to recovery had been long and tedious. To keep Selina's anxious fans updated on her condition, Father Jen constantly updates his Weibo with the latest on-goings.

To manage the pain from having her dressings changed, the singer had been previously put on anaesthetic. This affected the use of her lungs significantly. To prevent a lung infection, her doctor has put Selina on breathing exercises with a "tri-flow exercise", apart from her usual pronunciation exercises. The exercise required Selina to lift a tiny ball in a pipe by taking in deep breaths of air, which helps to improve her vital capacity. Instead of the usual 60 times per day, Selina was required to do it 600 times.

Father Jen expressed that he would be watching Selina's progress carefully and mentioned that his daughter is slowly forgetting the incident as she goes through therapy.

According to sources, Selina is still unable to return to stage. However it is possible for her to leave the hospital this coming Chinese New Year, prompting a reunion with her parents, younger sister and fiancé.

In another report, a spokesperson for Ham Yu said there is a possibility of the actor turning up for the countdown event in Guangzhou, if he recovers in time.

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