Angelina Jolie Fires Back After Being Called "Ignorant"

Angelina Jolie is firing back at critics of her directorial debut who say the film is merely a tale about a Bosnian woman who falls for a Serb man who rapes her.

On Monday, a victims group from the war sent a letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees saying Jolie, 35, has an “ignorant attitude towards victims” and should be stripped of her ambassador title.

While promoting her new thriller The Tourist in Paris, Jolie said she didn't mean to ignite any controversy.

"There's one person who has a gripe," she said, adding that 95 percent of the film's cast had lived through the war, according to Reuters. "The absolute majority of the people, population, the cast, prime minister, president have been extremely supportive."

The best way to describe the still-untitled film?

A love story between a Serbian man and a Bosnian Muslim woman on the eve of the 1992-95 war in which 100,000 people died, she said.

She said she wants war victims to hold judgment until they have seen her film in which she said "there are many twists in the plot that address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters."

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