Big S (Barbie Xu) Flash Engagement to Wealthy Second Generation?

Since the Barb/Vic relationship end 3 years ago, “Big S” Barbie has rumoured with Louis Koo, recently she and one of China’s wealthy second generation’s son Wang Xiao Fei suddenly are engaged, from the Chinese media’s report, the 34 year old Big S and 29 year old wealthy second generation Chinese Wang Xiao Fei will be quickly engaged, the two met at the end of Sept through Ady An and An Jun Can, dating not more than a month is already filling their heads with marriage, towards this the management company staff are not willing to confirm the matter, stressing only Xu’s mother is able to answer this, but since yesterday Xu Ma has not answered her mobile phone, with an attitude of not admitting nor denying making it more interesting.

Stanley Tong Leaked Out Relationship

According to the Chinese media’s reports, Big S’s leak of the engagement can be tracked, earlier when director Stanley Tong attended the press con of “Hotelier”; he said: “Big S is currently in a relationship, she probably doesn’t have any free schedule.” Inadvertently spilling it out, Big S new relationship’s news was spreading like burning fire.

Netizens also exposed, Big S and the Chinese South China restaurant second generation’s son Wang Xiao Fei have only been in love for 20 days, from the exploding news of a flash engagement, lately Big S’s blog has revealed the two’s expression of their feelings to one another, she wrote not long ago: “dreamed of a smile with wrinkles, nose with freckles, cheerful and considerate boy, the important thing is my name is written on the face, looking at an ever so strong woman, when you’re fragile you still wish to be by the side of him.” From understanding, wrinkle, freckles are also the consistent features of Wang Xiao Fei.

Wang Xiao Fei Wealthy Second Generation is a Female Starlet Killer

Wang Xiao Fei born in 1981, is 5 years younger than Big S, it’s another older sis younger brother relationship, he is the son of a modern South China restaurant group second generation, a typical wealthy second generation, wealthy and likes to play, the name and starlets have been frequently linked together, he and Zhang Yu Qi broke up not long, and has rumoured with Zhang Zi Yi before, drives a Ferrari, wears million dollar watches, nick named Capital’s famous young master.
October 1st, Wang Xiao Fei left a message on the blog “Beijing is raining, it’s really sad, but beautiful, good evening my loved one”, Big S wrote “Good evening kind boys and girls, I’m very happy tonight”. Some netizens also said on the 22nd they saw Big S and Wang Xiao Fei, and friends together at a hot pot place in Beijing. Big S, Wang’s interactions were intimate, their friends helped the two take many pictures together. There are also some netizens saying they saw the two’s engagement at a 5 star hotel.

Management Company Does Not Dare to Answer on Behalf

Big S’s blog also posted a group picture of Wang Xiao Fei, Pace Wu and boyfriend Peter until the 26th, yesterday the engagement news started to spread, Big S’s picture was removed, the attitude is really ambiguous. Since Big S’s engagement rumours have been out, her management company’s answers are very strange “this matter must be answered by Xu Ma only” But Xu Ma has not answered any calls.

Source: Yam Liberty
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

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