Google Nexus Two to be made by Samsung, announced on November 8?

A few days ago, Samsung announced that it would unveil a new, mysterious Android device on November 8.

There are no official details on the name and features of the device, but, if the latest rumors are to be believed, this could be the Google Nexus Two.

According to Android and Me, “multiple, trusted sources familiar with the project” say that the Samsung-made Nexus Two will be the first phone to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and it should be available on multiple carriers.

Of course, Gingerbread is not officially out yet, but we know that it will be really soon. So the date when Samsung will unveil its new handset (November 8 ) may actually coincide with the launch date of Android’s new version. This would mean that the rumored Motorola Droid T2 won’t be the world’s first Gingerbread smartphone after all.

Samsung has already proven itself as a leading Android device maker with its Galaxy S smartphones, sold in more than 5 million units until now.

The Nexus Two could feature a full QWERTY keyboard (we’ve heard about this back in January), so maybe it will look like the Samsung Epic 4G.

Sure enough, all this is far from being confirmed, and a Nexus Two may actually never be announced. But Samsung will definitely showcase a new Android phone on November 8, so let’s wait and see what this date brings us.

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