Van Ness prepares for a new Mandarin album

Universal Music held a press conference at the Hong Kong Jockey Club to proudly welcome Van Ness Wu to the company – with a signing bonus of eighty-million TWD for both his management and record contract.

Van Ness stood beside a meter high ice sculpture of a horse to signify that he has found his "Bo Le" (*someone who recognizes his talents). Universal Music presented Shakespeare’s Sonnets and a pair of custom-made dance shoes to Van Ness as gifts, hoping that he will rise to the top possessing both creativity and dance ability. Van Ness, who has recently released a Japanese album, is already preparing for his new Mandarin album.

Van Ness has been busy filming for a new drama as well as recording for his new album; he revealed that he just got off work very late on the night before and then he flew straight to Hong Kong at 6 in the morning, “I originally wanted to sleep on the plane, but I didn’t. Then when my hair was being blow-dried, I fell asleep. I didn’t know I would become this busy, but I’m very happy about all of this, (it's) very fun, and I love my life.” Van Ness, who is an actor, a singer, and a boss at the same time, expressed, “I love every position. They’re all different and require me to do different things. I enjoy the work in all of them.”

After joining Universal Music, Van Ness wishes to collaborate with veteran singer Jacky Cheung the most because he loves Jacky’s “吻別” (Goodbye Kiss).

Source: UDN

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