Denise Richards Has Awkward Encounter With Charlie Sheen's Porn Star

Before Charlie Sheen's drunken Plaza Hotel rampage Tuesday morning with Capri Anderson, the porn star posed with Sheen's ex, Denise Richards.

TMZ posted the shot on its website Thursday.

According to the site, Sheen, 45, met Anderson for the first time Monday in the bar at The Plaza Hotel.

She then joined him, along with four other women and three men, for dinner that night at Daniel restaurant.

Richards, 39, also attended.

When she arrived at the restaurant, Anderson "made a beeline" for Richards and asked for a photo. Unaware of who she was, Richards obliged.

When Anderson sat down to join them all for dinner, the meal became "too awkward" and Richards left before finishing her appetizer, according to the site.

TMZ says Anderson is planning to press charges that Sheen held her against her will during his drunken hotel meltdown Tuesday.

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