Hebe’s mother donates skin to Selina

Always referred to affectionately as "wife" by Hebe, Selina is just as loved by Hebe's mother.

The member of Taiwanese pop group S.H.E had undergone a five-hour surgery on Monday to have her wounds cleaned up and to remove dead skin from her burns, which covered over 50% of her body -- 30% were third degree burns and above.

Hebe's mother has kindly offered to be a skin graft donor to Selina so that the 28-year-old would not have to go through more pain from an autograft (taking skin from her own body). Netizens who read this comment on the mother's blog were touched by her benevolence.

Ever since news of her filming accident in Shanghai broke, Selena has been receiving love from everyone, friends and fans alike.

Fellow S.H.E members Ella and Hebe were in obvious distress as they performed in China on Sunday without Selina by their side.

Dedicating the song 'Princess Selina' to their fellow member, Ella and Hebe held back tears as they asked the crowd to cheer Selina on.

Ella had written this song for Selina a few years back after the latter sprained her ankle at a dance practice.

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