Rihanna pours her curves into racy nude corset as she films new video What's My Name...

She can usually be found strutting her stuff on stage in various sexy and provocative outfits.

But yesterday Rihanna somewhat missed the mark in an incredibly revealing outfit on the set of her new video What's My Name in New York.

The 22-year-old singer was seen wearing a low-cut corset top with denim cutoff shorts, white lace knee-high socks, a loose cardigan and what appeared to be black slippers as she filmed scenes for the new video.

However, Rihanna managed to pull the outfit off and teamed the look with long pointy blue nails, her new bright red hair and a lot of jewellery.

What's My Name is one of the tracks taken from Rihanna's upcoming album Loud, and the singer said recently the new record will include some 'special' ballads.

She told MTV recently: 'The ballads on this album are really special. I didn't want to just put a bunch of ballads on the album, I actually wanted to keep it minimal with slow records... But there are really two powerful ballads.

One is called Straight Up Beautiful and the other one is called California King Bed which is... one of my favorite songs on the album - it's probably going to be the biggest song on the album.

'It's talking about being this close to someone yet feeling so far away, like falling out of love.'

After her day on the video set, Rihanna had a quick change into something slightly more demure to attend a signing of her book Rihanna: The Last Girl on Earth at Barnes and Noble in Manhattan.

Wearing an unusual floral dress with nude heels, Rihanna couldn't hide her pride as she held up the book - a photograph collection of pictures from her tour.

Talking about the book, Rihanna said: 'I think it was really special to have behind-the-scenes photos, you know, pictures that the fans haven't seen before, all together of a very specific moment of my life, an album of my life.'

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