Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s property rejection

They may be the most talked about celebrity couple now but not are all welcoming Barbie Hsu and new hubby Wang Xiaofei with open arms.

On Nov 28, a netizen revealed that Barbie and her husband had intended to buy an apartment in Kunming but were rejected.

The rejection created uproar amongst property industry players, who were curious about the developer which refused the popular celebrity. At the same time, they wondered if the couple was planning to venture into business in Kunming.

Both Barbie and Xiaofei could not be contacted for comment. Their mothers, who usually speak on their behalf, were also unavailable. Finally, the media contacted a rep for Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan, who expressed that he was unsure of Xiaofei's personal matters.

In a separate report, Xiaofei was seen showing up to support Barbie who was shooting a commercial with sister, Dee in Shanghai on Nov 27. During her break, Barbie joined her husband, who did not hide his affections by placing his arm around her waist.

Barbie is believed to be paid an astronomical sum for the commercial. When contacted, Barbie's assistant refused to comment on how much Barbie was paid. The assistant also refused to confirm if Xiaofei was on set that day.

Xiaofei was said to have returned to Beijing alone after accompanying his wife at her shoot. He was also criticised for being unkind after ignoring a beggar, who had asked for payment after cleaning his car at a red light.

Wang Xiaofei still uses a supplementary card from his mother

Barbie Hsu is no gold-digger and that's according to her mother-in-law Zhang Lan.

While rumours were swirling that Barbie had married Wang Xiaofei in order to marry into a wealthy family, Zhang Lan who runs the family's chain of restaurants, reveals that what the family owns are corporate assets and that they are only wealthy spiritually.

Zhang Lan revealed that Xiaofei is still using her supplementary card, saying, "I would know when Xiaofei uses money."

She also added that all assets belonged to the company, indirectly telling the media that Xiaofei does not have any money and that Barbie was not marrying a 'wealthy second-generation'.

Not that this piece of news would change Barbie's intention to marry. Wedding preparations are currently underway. Days ago, Barbie, husband Xiaofei, younger sister, Dee and 'rivals-in-love' Ady An were seen meeting secretly in Shanghai to discuss the details of the wedding. According to sources, Barbie intends to invite Ady to be her bridesmaid, dispelling rumours of discord between the two.

Ady, through her manager Ann, said they definitely had dinner together that night, but it was not just the four of them. When asked if she would be bridesmaid to Barbie, the actress expressed, "It's inconvenient for me to comment."

Recently, Dee revealed that her sister's wedding will only take place in China and Taiwan.

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