Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis swan onto red carpet in elegant dresses (but Winona Ryder is the ugly duckling in a ghastly tux)

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis made a stunning entrance on the red carpet tonight at the New York premiere of their new film, Black Swan.

Portman, who plays a prima ballerina, looked a picture of elegance in a black, off-the-shoulder floor-length gown while Kunis was equally stunning in a long cream dress with a slashed skirt.

Portman also carried a purse designed to look like the book Lolita.

But their fellow co-star Winona Ryder didn't exact make the same impression.

The actress turned up at the event wearing a very unflattering black suit, black shirt and clunky black boots.

And with her hair in a bun and a gaudy silver necklace on, the 39-year-old looked completely out of place on the red carpet.

Ryder recently opened up about her role in the film, and how she apologised to Portman after filming wrapped for the 'horrible' lines she had to deliver as her on-screen rival.

The actress played a prima ballerina who is replaced by Portman's younger dancer character Swan Lake.

And she felt terrible for the cruel jibes she made towards Portman's character.

'I wrote (to) Natalie and I got her something when I had finished filming, saying, "I'm so sorry I had to say all those horrible things",'said Ryder.

And she insists she feels no jealousy at all towards the younger actresses in Hollywood.

'Doing the character was really cool in a way because I'm a bit older and the whole idea (is) there's these young new actresses coming up. I'm sort of old school! I like the idea of being replaced and being older, especially now I've just turned 39.

'When I started acting, I wanted to be like Ruth Gordon, because I was always the kid and always wanted to be older. So it's interesting for me to be older than people now.'

Meanwhile Portman admits that her role in Black Swan was incredibly challenging.

She says: 'I think it was just the physicality of it all that was the most extreme. I mean, I had never gotten that much training - to be doing five-to-eight hours a day of [it] was really a challenge.

'I think the most important thing is coming to work as prepared as you can be every day and working as hard as you can every day. If you do that, you can always ensure that you have an amazing experience.'

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