Cecilia Cheung Dons Wedding Dress in Comeback Movie

Paparazzi spotted Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung wearing a wedding dress on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 in Macao where she was shooting her comeback movie "All's Well, Ends Well" ("Zui Qiang Xi Shi"), Sohu.com reports.

Cheung and co-stars Louis Koo, Chapman To and Lynn Hung were filming the final part of the movie, which will be screened around the Lunar New Year.

The film is the fifth in a series of Chinese New Year's comedies, the first of which, "Jia You Xi Shi" or "Family's Happiness", was shown in cinemas during the Lunar New Year in 1992.

Raymond Wong Bak-Ming, the producer and director of the latest film, which title with the Chinese phrase "xi shi" means "happiness", invited many A-list stars to join the cast, including Donnie Yen, Carina Lau, Yan Ni and host-turned-actress Xie Nan.

Although Wong declined to reveal how much he was paying Cheung to appear in the film as her first project after giving birth to her second son, many previous reports have suggested she was receiving almost twice as much as veteran actress Carina Lau. Reports said Lau was upset at the news.

Cheung is making a strong comeback with three other movie projects following "All's Well, Ends Well", including Jackie Chan's remake of "The Lady Generals of the Yang Family" and Jingle Ma's "Dynamic Angel".

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