Britney Spears Admits Being Abused in Leaked Audio

Star magazine's exclusive about Britney Spears being abused by boyfriend and former agent Jason Trawick seemed a little dubious ... until posted a telephone conversation proving it.

The tape is a verified conversation between Spears and her former husband of 55 hours, Jason Alexander. Asked about problems with "fiance" Trawick, Spears replies, "That f***er is not my fiance."

Alexander says, "I thought he proposed to you or something at the beach?" Spears answers, "Before or after he beat on me?"

Star magazine's editor-in-chief, Candace Trunzo, tells PopEater: "After all Britney's been through, it was shocking and very sad for Star to learn that her nightmare continues. I hope she finds the strength to get out of this disastrous relationship."

"It's incredible to hear Britney Spears say her boyfriend beat her up," RadarOnline creator and executive vice president David Perel tells us. "The story and the audio illuminate what's going on behind the scenes with Britney since her public breakdown; the details in Star's story are both heartbreaking and riveting."

Listen to the phone call at RadarOnline >>

It's unclear when the conversation occurred or if Spears is still dating Trawick. In the call, Spears says she changed her phone number and was not talking to Trawick, but he was still working for her. "My dad does not want him around me right now. My dad has a shotgun and he's just waiting to use it."

In May, a Spears rep told PEOPLE the pair had "decided to end their professional relationship and focus on their personal relationship." Britney's mother Lynne praised Trawick in November 2009, calling him "stable" and saying, "He's the kind of man you would dream of your daughter marrying."

Star's article, on newsstands Wednesday, also alleges Britney was pregnant with Trawick's child in early 2010.

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