Flash Player 10.2 Beta Announced by Adobe

New update! Plugins for those who love plugin updates so much they sit at the edge of their seat craving the update more than the movies and such they watch with the player! Today they (and you) get a 10.2 Beta release update for Flash Player just so long as they’re on a Mac, Windows, or Linux machine. The biggest upgrade in this build is preliminary support of none other than Stage Video.

Stage Video is an infrastructure for playback of videos that should further reduce the impact playing a video with Flash Player has – on your computer, not impact on how visually spectacular it is. Previous versions of Flash Player 10 (the one you’re upgrading here) leveraged GPU acceleration for decoding video while 10.2 (this update) offloads basically all video pipeline tasks to the GPU to help with the CPU load. Less heavy lifting! In addition to that, 10.2 improves text rendering, full-screen playback for two-monitor setups (allowing playing on one screen while the other stays open for you to continue working.)

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